When looking for a local painting company to take care of your exterior and interior painting needs, this article will help you determine the best painting company to hire. Taking a few moments to read this article will guide you through the process of hiring a painting contractor.

Here are Questions to Ask Painting Contractors:

Is your painting company insured?

There are two types of insurance that every local painting company need to obtain. The first is a comprehensive liability and the second is worker’s compensation.

Comprehensive liability insurance protects homeowners from any damage caused by contractors. In case of any mishaps, you can rest assured that your property is covered by this insurance

The second insurance type is worker’s compensation. This type of insurance is designed to protect workers and property owners from any liabilities in case of an accident.

Are your workers’ employees or sub-contractors?

It’s important to find out whether the painters at your local painting company are employees or sub-contractors. 

Subcontractors are often paid a flat fee. To make the most of their income, they might cut corners and push the project forward without focusing on the quality of their work. In addition to this, should there be any unfortunate incidents on-site, they will not be covered by worker’s compensation insurance. This means that you could be liable. Lastly, with sub-contractors, you cannot guarantee that they have been thoroughly screened. This poses a security risk to you and your home.

To safeguard your home and your interests, ensure that the painting crew assigned to your home are employees rather than subcontractors.

Are your painting contractors screened and vouched for?

As mentioned in the previous point, it’s best to opt for painting contractors who are thoroughly screened and vouched for. Ask your local painting company if all of their workers are properly screened. Ensure that criminal backgrounds and previous employment has been looked into and vouched for. Not only will this guarantee that they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver quality results, but you can ease your worries about safety and security while they are working on your home.

What kind of materials do you use?

At Ayala Painting, we use various painting products and materials to guarantee top-notch results. For instance, for our exterior commercial painting projects, we make sure that each product we use is specifically designed for the type of exterior material of the commercial property. We always choose the best paint products available because this helps elevate the quality of our workmanship. (You can check our updates of current projects on Facebook to see for yourself.)

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?

This is another good question to ask your local painting company. Find out whether they offer any warranties on workmanship or satisfaction guarantees.

A workmanship warranty agreement between you and your local painting company guarantees quality workmanship throughout a specified period. 

Satisfaction guarantees, on the other hand, are similar to a workmanship warranty because they also guarantee top-quality results. However, a satisfaction guarantee is often used throughout the project. Some painting companies will not accept any payment for the project unless you are satisfied with the results.

At Ayala Painting, we offer a 5-year warranty on exterior projects. This helps translate our confidence in our services and drives our crew to deliver the best results possible for your home.

Do you offer free consultations and estimates?

Choose a local painting company that offers free consultations and estimates. By doing this, you can get a clear idea of what is required to restore your home and make it look new again.

Many local contractors offer free estimates to give property owners a detailed estimate of what needs to be done. Estimators will schedule a visit to your home and assess the conditions of your surfaces. They will identify areas that need attention and include them in the estimate. This is an advantage that you can only get from a reliable contractor.

Is after-service cleanup covered in your service?

Nobody wants to be left with beautifully painted walls surrounded by a mess. Ensure that your local painting company offers added services like furniture cover-up and cleanup after painting.

Hire a Reliable Local Painting Company

Ayala Painting and Decorating Inc is your reliable local painting company. We provide the highest quality painting services in the San Jose CA region. 

Whether you’re looking to repaint your home or commercial premises, our crews have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. We use premium paints and materials in all our projects to ensure your home is painted to your satisfaction. Don’t trust just anyone with your property– hire the experts at Ayala Painting for superior results! 

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